Frank Cappello

Frank Cappello Bio

For twenty years I was away from the game I loved growing up as a kid. In June of 1997 I got an unusual call from a close friend, Steve Norwood. He asked me to come play a baseball game at our old high school, Thomas Jefferson.  I replied, “you’re crazy, I’ve been playing softball all of these years.” How could he expect me to play a hardball game?  I said, “let me think about it.” Ten minutes later, I couldn’t resist and said, “I’m there!” 

That was my unplanned entry into the DCMSBL. I didn’t know at the time that becoming part of the league would change my life.  Playing, coaching, and managing over the last 23 years I developed many new friendships and had some great seasons along the way. With my teammates, we won 19 local championships. I played and coached on seven different teams including: Ted Britt Federals (2001), Fedlock Falcons 38+ (2002-2005), Twins 45+ (2007), PBR Bandits 45+ (2011-2015), Fairfax Mudhens 55+ (2011-2012), Pirates 45+ (2016), PBR Bandits (50/55+ 2015-2019). 

I also played and coached in many of the MSBL National tournaments. Along the way, I won World Series championship rings with three different teams. These included the 2004 38+ National Division Fedlock Falcons World Series Arizona, 2011 52+ Titans Florida Fall Classic, 2015 55+ Bandits Florida Fall Classic.

Baseball is just a game win or lose.  The game comes and goes but, being part of the DCMSBL family has fostered many special lasting friendships. These bonds are even more important than winning a game. I have come to relish the time spent with my baseball family on and off the field. Nothing can ever change those relationships established with my teammates on a lot of sweltering summer days. I wouldn’t have it any other way. The game continues to be “America’s Pastime.”

It’s irreplaceable to me.