Season Information


  1. A non-refundable team commitment fee: Paid prior to or at our Annual Managers Meeting in January.
  2. The team commitment fee is 3 fully paid players fees (check your age group for the amount).
  3. Teams MUST have a minimum of 15 fully paid players, however, the 16th player pays the full player fee. 
  4. The 17th player spot on any team will be Free.
  5. For each player on a team with over 17 players, the player fee starting with the 18th roster spot will be $60.00 per player (no limit of roster size).  
  6. Once any part of the team schedule is published there will be no refunds to players for any reason.
  7. There is no discount for players who participate in more than one age group.
  8. All player fees are due 1 WEEK  prior to  season start.
  9. The 18+ age group uses Metal Bat and all other Age groups use Wood Bat.

Metal – Only BBCOR Certified bats are allowed. The Louisville Slugger META 34 (blue) is banned from league use. Other sizes and previous models (i.e, red) are approved for use in the 18+ Division.

Wood – Composite or Metalwood Bats are allowed

Umpire Costs

Field Costs


League Score books

Insurance (liability, property and spectator)

MSBL National Membership


Season Start:  March 28

14 Regular Season Games 

Regular Season ends: July 18

Postseason Single Elimination Tournament: Begins after July 25  (every team qualifies)

Primary Play Day: Sundays

A combination of double headers (7 innings) and single 9-inning games


Season Start Date: May 10

Primary Play Day: Weeknights

14 Regular Season Games: 9 innings for single games

Regular Season ends: August 6

Postseason Single Elimination Tournament: Begins August 9  (every team qualifies)

Best of 3 Championship series: TBD

Single 9-inning games


Season Start Date: May 15

12 Regular Season Games – 9 inning single games, 7 inning DH’s if needed

Regular Season ends: 

Postseason Single Elimination Tournament: TBD  (every team qualifies)

Primary Play Day: Saturday with possible weeknight make ups


Season Start Date: June 6

10 Regular Season  Games

Single Elimination Playoffs

Single championship game

Primary Play Day: Sunday Mornings


Season Start Date: June 5

Single Elimination Playoffs: Every team qualifies

Single championship game 

Primary Play Day: Saturday Mornings


We will also do our best to reschedule rain outs as soon as possible. Even though we schedule all the number of games for each age group, there is no guarantee we will get in all of the games mainly due to field availability and/or field permits expiring for the Spring/Summer season.  There are no refunds for games not played.

NOTE: Managers are required to post game results and any rain-outs within 24 hours of the event.  If a manager fails to post a rain out within that time frame the game will not be rescheduled.

Teams are required to remove trash on all fields and rake any Fairfax County fields after their game. The League will schedule every game as soon as permits are issued.  

Single games are 9 innings with a three (3) hour time limit and no new inning begins after 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Double Headers are 7 innings and no new inning begins after 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Mercy Rule goes into effect after a 15 run lead and the game has gone at least 5 innings.

Each 30+/40+/50+ team, through the League Commissioner, may request one player waiver for any player one year below the age classification. The player will not be eligible to pitch.

NOTE: Each 60+ team may request for the 2021 season, through the League Commissioner, two (2) player waivers for any player up to 2 years below the age classification. These players will not be eligible to pitch.