Q What areas does the DCMSBL play their games?

Games are played in the DC Metro area including Maryland and Virginia.

Q How do new players get placed on a team?

A Click the DRAFT/WAITING LIST under the REGISTRATION TAB. The draft/waiting list is how the League places new players on a team.

Q Does the League maintain the Draft/Waiting List?

A  Yes! The League President manages and maintains the waiting list of new players.

Q Do Team Managers use the Draft/Waiting List?

A YES! Many team managers do request a player from the waiting list when they are looking to fill out their team roster.

Q Does the Team Manager determine who is on the team?

A Yes, the team manager does determine which players are on the team roster.

Q What happens when a Team Manager Requests a Player from the Draft/Waiting List?

A When the team manager requesting a player from the waiting list the League President will email the player contact information to the requesting team manager.

Q Great! What happens next for the New Player?

A The player will be notified via text, email and/or phone by the team manager within a couple of days after being notified by the League of the team manager's request.

Q Is a new player guaranteed to get placed on a team after being notified by the League?

A Short answer is: no way of knowing, however, once the team manager contacts the player, then the team manager will either invite the player out to their team practice and/or request the player go online and sign up for the team.

Q  When is my League registration complete so I can play ball?

1) RE-REGISTER as a new player for your new team

2) Sign the player waiver form

3) Pay the player fee in full.

Q If a new player has more questions who is the contact?

A Larry Lombardi - DCMSBL League President via email: Larry@dcmsbl.com or text: 301-237-8951