Player Safety Guidelines

Updated liability waiver and consent form must be signed online by every participant BEFORE stepping on the field.


·       If a player doesn’t feel well, he shouldn’t be at the game- STAY HOME.

·       Any player may take additional measures for his own safety- masks, gloves, etc.

·       Players MUST respect each other and the umps regarding social distancing. If asked to “back off”, do it.

·       Home plate umpire to stand behind the plate as usual.

·       Dugouts to be open to only the next 2 in the offensive lineup, and the pitcher, catcher and the coach, maintaining 6ft from each other.

·       No sharing of equipment.

·       No post game handshakes or high fives. Teams may choose an appropriate form of recognition.

·       Players should keep a 6ft distance at all times, including batting cages and during pre-game warmups.

·       No “infield meetings” on the mound.

·       When holding a meeting on the mound between catcher, pitcher and/or manager, all participants need to stay 6 feet from each other. The meeting would be limited to a maximum of 3 people.

·       Each team to provide their own baseballs while on defense, as this will minimize the number of players in contact with the baseball.

·       Pitchers will NOT be allowed to go to their mouth between pitches.  This will result in a ball being called and the ball must immediately be replaced by the pitching team.

·       No seeds, no spitting, no going to the mouth by any player. Repeated offenses may result in a player ejection.

·       Umpires will need to be advised of the rules at the plate conference.