Paul “Barney” Sisco

Paul “Barney” Sisco Bio


I grew up in Berwyn, Illinois and then we moved to Bethesda, Md. I started playing baseball in Berwyn, Illinois in 1957. I heard about the DCMSBL when I was playing fast pitch softball with Frank Holt who started the league in our region.


My first year in the DCMSBL was in 1989, the very first year the DCMSBL started. I played on the Montgomery Angels, which Frank Holt and Spike Bauroth were the managers, respectively. The Montgomery Angels won the first DCMSBL League Championship in 1989.


Besides playing for the Angels, I played for the Dodgers mostly, Nationals, Twins, Cardinals, and for and against several others. I managed the 50+ DC Dodgers for two seasons.


There are way too many memories and funny stories to put on my bio page, however, I want to mention my dad, Paul, who I am grateful and thankful for in my baseball endeavors. My dad, also Paul had me hitting and throwing at age of one! My dad played 3 years plus of minor league ball for the Chicago Cubs organization (and some DCMSBL innings getting a hit and two put outs at second base). His oldest brother August passed on an offer from the Pirates to serve in WWII. Both played for the fighting Illini at the University of Ill. Augie beat out future HoF shortstop Lou Boudreau, forcing him to third.

All my coaches from Mr. Ginners and the Berwyn Elks little league team, through Div. 3 ball at Denison University, and all MSBL teammates since – Notably DCMSBL HoFamers past and present, Jim Beck, Spike Barouth, Larry and his partners, Roger Stanley & Jerry Klemm, The Legend Garland Cooper, Heater, and God, he knows who I mean.


I would like also to mention that I’m humbled by this honor. Larry, Roger, Jerry, – our sincere gratitude and praise your tireless efforts at making DCMSBL what must be the finest MSBL league. I look forward to working with the new administration and contributing to is continued and future success.