Jeff Huse

Jeff Huse



The DCMSBL came along at the perfect time in my life. After my divorce, it provided me with social outlet I needed, and the opportunity make many lasting friendships that have grown over the past 25 plus years.

I began playing baseball when I was nine in youth programs from Little League through Babe Ruth.  In high school, I played on the varsity team for two years. I tried out as a walk-on for my college baseball team but didn’t make it due to my small size and modest strength. I was significantly smaller then, but due to a much anticipated, albeit belated growth spurt, and perhaps a few too many trips to the Las Vegas buffets, I grew into the baseball player I wanted to be, contributing substantially to each of my MSBL teams.

In 1995, I accidentally learned about MSBL while attending and information session for a different baseball league. After the meeting, Barry Robinson was standing out in the hallway talking to players coming out of the meeting.  I stopped to talk to him. He told me, “Don’t join that league, I am in a much better league, and I am looking for players.”  He told me about the organization, the teams, and of course his team, the 30+ Fairfax Indians. It sounded like a great opportunity, and I soon found myself on Barry’s team.

During the first several years, in our desperation to find players, we ended up with some interesting characters. One time, a new player showed up for his first game, dressed in his Indians uniform and white patten leather dress shoes. We discovered he didn’t have any cleats, but somehow, he found it important that his shoes matched his white pants.

When Barry retired from the Indians a few years later, I took over as team manager. Eventually we obtained a field permit for the Cora Kelly baseball field in Alexandria. We then became the Alexandria Indians and later evolved into the 30+ Cardinals. I continued managing these teams until it was time to coach my son in Little League.

As coaching Little League slowed down, I went home to MSBL and joined the 40+ Indians, where I played for five more years. Due to mounting injuries, I was forced to stop playing to give my body time to rest and heal.

When I became bored with “resting”, I once again returned to MSBL, playing for the 50+ Silver Eagles for one year and the 50+ Cardinals, with friendly faces I remembered from both MSBL and other leagues I toyed with over the years.

In 2019 I worked with the League, serving as the liaison for the Aruba Blue Indians that travelled to the DMV to play against several of the DCMSBL teams. I met the team at the airport and ensured they had transportation to and from their hotel and games, and on their return to the airport. The players were a great bunch of people, and I enjoyed spending time with them, talking all things baseball and learning about Aruba.

In 2020, COVID tried it’s best to take my life. I am now on a long road to full recovery, which includes a focus on getting myself back in shape. My goal is to get back on the baseball field and out to the World Series or Fall Classic. It will be a lot of work, and a huge accomplishment, and will serve as my final middle finger to COVID and my near-death experience.


30+ – Fairfax/Alexandria Indians (Player & Manager) – 12 years

30+ – Leesburg Brewers – 2 years

30+ – Cardinals – 2 years

40+ – Fairfax Indians – 5 years

50+ – Silver Eagles – 1 year

50+ – Cardinals – 2 years

World Series Participation

30+ – Maryland Roughriders – 1998

40+ – Mellow Thugs – 2006

45+ – Can Am Expos – 2020

My heartfelt thanks goes out to Larry, Roger, and Jerry for their support over the years.  I would also like to thank all my teammates for putting up with my ultra-competitive personality.  Lastly, a big shoutout to Barry for introducing me to the League that has been such a huge presence in my life.

Let me share two of my favorite quotes:

“Nothing’s ever been as fun as baseball.” – Mickey Mantle

“You could be a kid for as long as you want when you play baseball.” – Cal Ripken, Jr.

No two statements could better express how I feel about baseball.