Bob Janis

Joined DCMSBL in 1996. Answered a Washington Post newspaper ad to join the Red Sox (40+), a new team being formed in the league. A true expansion team. Played 4 years for the Red Sox, then, when old enough, also played for the 50+ Virginia Senators. Went to 3 MSBL Arizona World Series Tournaments with the Senators.

In 2004, co-founded the Rebels, in the 48+ age division, and in 2005, expanded into the new 55+ division. Brought the Rebels to AZ MSBL World Series for 6 years. Also in 2004, founded and managed the 18+ Oak Hill Mets, with two sons on the team. The Mets played for 5 seasons, winning 2 Division titles.

Played in 5 different age divisions over 15 years, many years on multiple teams (28+ (Fairfax Americans), 35+ (Giants, Red Sox), 45+ (Senators, Rebels/DC Mets), 55+ (Rebels/DC Mets), Fall UL (Senators, Rebels/ DC Mets).

Managed in 5 different age groups, 18+ (Oak Hill Mets), 35+ (Giants), 45+(Rebels/DC Mets), 55+ (Rebels/DC Mets), Fall UL (Rebels/DC Mets).

Assistant Manager 4 different age groups (35+, 45+, 55+, Fall UL). For 4 years (2005-2008) managed/assistant mgr. for 4 teams per season. Currently Player/Manager for the 45+ and 55+ DC Mets (formerly Rebels).