George Hedrick


George Hedrick Bio


 I grew up as Navy brat 1952-58; Bethesda MD since 1959. I started playing baseball in 1960 in Bethesda as a third grader.  I heard of the DCMSBL by reading an ad posted in the Washington Post sports section in 1989.


I began playing in the DCMSBL in 1989, the first year of the league. I played for the DC Royals and later the DC Dodgers to which I am still playing with the 60+ DC Dodgers- 36 years later!


I’ve always enjoyed our trips to Arizona to compete against teams from all over the country. Many fond memories and funny stories throughout the years. One afternoon a carload of teammates left the Valley of the Sun and headed to Sedona dressed in t-shirts and shorts. Upon our arrival, we took our rental car off the paved roads, met with a herd of long horns and snow showers as the sun started to set. Truly a memory of a lifetime for us!


I am very grateful to my mother, and I would like to thank my mother because she was a die-hard baseball fan and she always placed packs of baseball cards in my Easter basket as a youngster. Another lifetime memory!


I would also like to mention where my father would take me to Senators games at Griffith Stadium; paying the local youngsters $1 to ensure our car was watched after!