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Frank Rathbun

Frank Rathbun was one of the original players when the DCMSBL started in 1989. Frank originally played with the Athletics where W.K. Latimer was the team manager of the A’s. Frank was the mainstay and shortstop of the A’s for many years. Frank was competitive when playing the game he loved, however, he was also was easy going and a friendly individual to whom we were blessed to have played in the DCMSBL.

Frank managed in the DCMSBL all the way up to his last season with the DCMSBL.  Frank will always be remembered for his kindness, being selfless, always willing to help anyone, and if a player was looking to play baseball, Frank was always more than willing to have the player to be on his team.

Bruce Palmer


A native of San Diego, I grew up in a hot-bed of year-long baseball. Several of my neighbors were major league players (Ray Boone, Dain Clay, Ted Williams, etc., who wintered in the area. Also, some of the players for the then minor league SD Padres stuck around during the winter and played industrial league ball. There was no major league teams on the west coast at that time, but I recall barnstorming teams of major leaguers (specifically Bob Feller’s) that passed through the area during the winter.

I started playing ball at an about 7. I proceeded to play year round youth through high school BB where I was a year ahead of others of my age. I was primarily a pitcher. By graduation I was tired of school. I turned down a college baseball scholarship. I did occasionally play industrial and semi-pro ball and had a brush with pro ball.

I eventually enrolled in SDSU where I played briefly before turning my attention to getting an education while working as a truck driver. at the Post Office. I harbor no thoughts of could’ve or should’ve been regarding my baseball career. I was not blessed with great natural talent. I just played a lot, was well coached, and worked hard at improving. A student of the game, so to speak.

After graduating from SDSU, I game back east to teach at the Naval Academy (4 years). By then I was limited to playing fast-pitch softball as a catcher. Then, miraculously after almost a 30 year hiatus, I joined the DCMSBL in its second year of existence in 1990 at the tender age of 49. I was assigned to the new 30+ Bowie (MD) Brewers, since I lived in Bowie.

Ironically, I was now about 15 years older than anyone else on the team. When the Brewers moved to Southern Maryland, I joined the 40+ Pirates. I continued on to manage the 50+ Padres. After the team folded after 7 years, I played some for the 45+ Nationals and 55+ Dodgers, although I was hampered by injuries.

I was thrilled with the opportunity to make a “comeback.” I threw my energy into supporting my team and the DCMSBL. In addition to playing and coaching, I assumed several collateral duties including finding ball fields in MD, team rep at managers meetings, helping organize 40+ and 50+ divisions, and serving on the rules committee (including umpiring complaints).

The biggest joy for me was making new friends in the widely diverse world of DCMSBL. Be blue or white collar, of different race, of different religion, etc., we were all equal on the playing field.

Over the years, I was able to play in numerous tournaments including those in Arizona, Florida, New Jersey, and Maryland. I have received my share of awards. Meanwhile, I was an assistant BB coach at Bowie HS (MD) for about 8 yrs. Also, I took up umpiring high school and adult recreational gamed, although I am not particularly proud of that.

At the age of 76, I try to remain active although the body is falling apart. Some umpiring and some 48+ metal and 60+ wood bat leagues. I just cannot give the game up, I love it too much.

Fernando “Marty” Martinez


I currently live in Leesburg with my wife. I have five children and five grandchildren with another on the way. Our family for the last 40 years have been involved in sports but primary baseball.

I have been involved in baseball all my life as a player, coach and fan. Initially a hard core Los Angeles Dodger fan and now a huge Washington Nationals fan. Bottom line doesn’t matter the team I enjoy going to the stadiums and watch baseball.

I mostly played baseball in little league and in the Air Force. With baseball, I coach T-Ball, Little League, Babe Ruth, High School Travel team. With Softball I played, coaching my daughters, my wife, co-ed and then with MSBL.

I started the Leesburg Brewers and played, and managed. I still am involved with the Brewers and still enjoy coaching. If you ever see me at a game, just hand over the scorebook I will work it for you. Or better yet, need a first base coach?

John Ambler

I have been involved in baseball since 2nd grade. T-Ball, Little League, Babe Ruth, High School, College Fraternity, Semi Pro and then MSBL. Started participating in MSBL World Series in 95 and attended through 2011.

Managed national Father/Son team at MSBL WS from 1999 through 2011. Won ring in 2005. Umpired my way through college and many years after including Little League (Vienna Chief umpire for many years), then LL District 4 Chief Umpire. Selected for LL World Series. Umpired in MSBL World Series in 2010 & 2011.

Retired from IBM in December 2016. Moving to Phoenix area later in 2017. In Phoenix, I plan to be a “Ball Girl” at the Diamondbacks stadium, volunteer usher at Spring Training and participate in the MSBL World Series as a player and umpire in retirement.

Bryan Yawberg

Bryan Yawberg Bio

Grew up playing little league baseball. Played high school baseball at Gar-Field. Had a good HS baseball career but didn’t play at Mary Washington.

My only involvement in baseball during my college years was going to my dad’s DC-MSBL games and keeping score each summer. Graduated from Mary Washington in 2003 with a bachelor of science in Computer Science.

In 2005, I joined the 28+ PW Dodgers run by my dad and Frank Tomko (as a 27 year old waiver player). The following year, I took over the team as manager of the team as most of the guys on that team moved up to 45+. I’ve been the manager of that team since 2006.

In 2009 I began scheduling the 25+ division. And have continued those duties through today. In 2012 I started the 25+ Wood (Open Wood) division and have been a strong supporter for teams wishing to play wood bat.

Personal life
I live in Fredericksburg with my wife (Monica) and two kids (Annalise, 5 and Matthew, 3). For the last 11 years I’ve worked at the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Dahlgren as a software engineer. Other hobbies, going to Nationals games and hacking up the golf course.

Rich Johnson

Rich graduated from West Point in 1999, where he pitched. He earned his first collegiate win during a relief appearance against the Naval Academy in 1997. He discovered adult baseball while stationed in Augusta, GA, pitching and playing third for the Augusta Padres. He attempted his first team managerial job after two years with the Padres. However, the league folded and Rich moved to Washington, DC following the completion of his military tour.

Upon arrival, Rich established a relationship with the Pinkman Baseball Academy in Sterling, VA, where he worked as an associate pitching instructor. Rich heard about the DC MABL/MSBL and posted a notice on the message board, and was picked up by Kent Schneider and the 18+ Falls Church Royals for the 2004 season. Rich also joined the 28+ Fairfax Delta ‘88s, playing for Steve Munday.

In 2006, Rich and Mark Smith, Chris Mercurio, and Dave Abromowitz assembled a new group of players and created the 18+ Ballston Brewers. The Brewers played 18+ in their first season, and then moved to 25+ when the league shifted from 28+ to 25+.

In 2008, the team elected to compete in both 18+ and 25+ age groups, providing additional innings and at-bats for the large expanding roster. This began a trend of Saturday-Sunday baseball for the Brewers that continues today.

Rich has skippered the Brewers each season since its formation, to include one season in 2009 where he administratively managed the team from Hawaii while playing for the Oahu Ravens (Oahu Senior Baseball League).

In addition to playing on and managing the Brewers, Rich also joined the 35+ Washington Rattlers in 2011, where he pitches as well. Through the 2013 season, the Ballston Brewers carry team record of 157-122-8. The Brewers won the 25+ A Bracket Championship in 2008, and finished first in their respective regular season divisions twice.

Tony Barney


Tony “Coach” Barney

Sports has always been my life’s blood, and it has keep me out of harm’s way during a turbulent youth. For this reason, I have spent forty-two (42) years as a volunteer baseball, softball, football, and basketball player, coach, and manager of teams ranging in age from youth to adult.

I started playing organized baseball in the summer of 1960 at age 9 for the “Cubs,” a team in the Boys’ Clubs of America Baseball League in Goleta California. I played with them until 1966, when I started high school sports.

After graduating from high school in 1970, I went on to play semi-pro, industrial league and minor league baseball in the California Angels’ organization. Feeling the demands of life (and trouble hitting the curveball), I left the Angels organization in 1973, and went on to play in, coach, and manage various teams in adult flag football, softball and basketball leagues in the Santa Barbara and Goleta, CA organizations.

Because I credit team sports as literally keeping me focused and on the right path as a boy and young man, I continued to devote all of my spare time, energy, and effort to team sports, and youth team sports, in particular. From 1973 to 1989, I coached, managed, and taught football skills as a part of the Santa Barbara Youth Football League. I also served as the Head Freshman and Assistant Varsity Basketball Coach for St. Anthony’s High School during the 1980-81 school year.

In 1989, I transferred with my job as a Printed Circuit Board Designer to Northern Virginia. I continued to play and coach softball and baseball in the early ’90’s, and 2000, joining the Men’s Senior Baseball League (MSBL) in 1991. In 2005, I also joined the local Park View High School Patriots’ football team, a school where my wife was teaching, as a coach, and have since served as an Assistant Varsity Coach and Head Freshman Coach.

Within the DCMSBL, the “Marauders” is the team with which I am the most associated.
In the Spring of 2002, the League under the leadership of Larry Lombardi, Roger Stanley and Jerry Klemm, wanted to form a team with all the guys left on their waiting list.
I thought that was a great idea. It was to be a Sunday morning team, giving guys a chance to play the great game of baseball.

I have tried my best to make the Marauders a team that gives guys a chance to live out their dreams of playing baseball, testing themselves and their skills, and maybe reliving just a bit of their past glory days. I have always felt that the Marauders were the spirit of what the DCMSBL truly represents. In part and coaching and managing the Marauders is my way of giving back to the great game of baseball.

Coaching Experiences:

Assistant Volunteer JV and Freshman Football Coach, Park View High School, Sterling, VA 2005 to present; Areas coached: Line, TE, Special Teams, Scout Teams and Scouting Duties;
Park View High School Won the 2005 and 2006 Dulles District Championship.
Santa Barbara South Coast Youth Football League (YFL), Santa Barbara, CA (1973 – 89)
Duties included all areas of coaching, managing and teaching football skills and techniques.
Head Football Coach (age/wt. 12yrs to 14 yrs and 170 lb. limits / traveling team):
1976, 1979 – 1986;
YFL – Offensive coordinator: 1973 – 79; YFL – Defensive coordinator: 1980 – 89
YFL Championships (won 5): 1977, 1980 – 82′ and 1988 seasons.

Jack Holmes

John L. “Jack” Holmes who hails from Scotia, New York and now Woodbridge, Virginia has always been a baseball player and athlete. During the mid-1970’s when in high school, he was a starting pitcher for the Scotia-Glenville Senior High School Tartans baseball team and the starting third baseman for the Schenectady Connie Mack League’s Scotia Mohawk Chevrolet baseball team which won the 1975 Upstate New York Connie Mack Baseball Championship Title.

In football, Jack was named to the Schenectady Gazette’s 1975 All Area High School Football Team (Albany-Schenectady-Troy) as a place kicker and defensive end and he also co-captained the 1975-76 Scotia-Glenville Senior High School Tartans Wrestling Team to the 1976 Section 2, Class A Title. After high school Jack hung up his baseball spikes and went on to play college football at Central Connecticut State College and the State University of New York (SUNY) College at Cortland.

After graduating from college in 1980, Jack worked for a year and then joined to the United States Navy in 1981, where he received a commission after graduating from Aviation Officers Candidate School (AOCS) in Pensacola, Florida. Jack then attended flight school, served four years and is a veteran of both Grenada and Beirut, Lebanon.

In 1992, Jack joined the DC MSBL as an original player with the Prince William Dodgers in the 25+ Division, the Dodgers were managed by Rob Andrews. Jack played for Rob for four seasons through 1995, when he was diagnosed with late stage cancer at the start of the season. In April 1995, Jack underwent cancer surgery and began chemo-therapy treatment which would last until August 1996. While still undergoing chemotherapy Jack was cleared by his physician and he quickly returned to the baseball field in June 1995.

In his first game back from surgery he pitched a two-hit shutout victory over the then undefeated Woodbridge Senators who would go on to win the DC MSBL 25+ Division with a 21 -1 record that year. With the odds still against him to survive cancer Jack decided to leave the Prince William Dodgers after the 1995 season and play baseball his way.

He, Robbie Faught, Bob Reed and Jack’s younger brother Dick founded the Prince William Reds Baseball Club in October 1995, while participating in the Fall Classic in Clearwater, Florida as members of the upstart Prince William All-Stars who made it to the MSBL Fall Classic play-offs while at their first MSBL National Tournament.

As the Prince William Reds only manager since their inaugural season in 1996, the team has won in excess of 330 games, five DC MSBL division championships, various regional MSBL Tournament Championships and participated in three MSBL Fall Classics between 1998 and 2001.

In addition to running, managing and playing for the Prince William Reds Baseball Club since 1996, Jack has also played for the DC Outlaws, DC Metro Cobras, DC Cardinals, DC Express, Fairfax Rangers and most recently the Fairfax Mud Hens — primarily as a starting catcher on these teams who have won many DC MSBL Division Championships.

As the starting catcher for the DC Metro Cobras \ DC Cardinals from 2000-06, Jack garnered the team’s “Gold Glove” award for his defensive play in the 2002 MSBL World Series and is also a proud owner of three DC Cobras \ DC Cardinals MSBL World Series Rings won in 2000, 2002 and 2005. Jack was instrumental in the DC Cardinals tremendous 2002 season which was recognized by the Washington, DC Home Plate Club as the DC Area’s best senior men’s baseball team.

Jack and his son Chris were members of the DC Senators Father-Son baseball team from 2006-08 and plan to re-join the team after Chris’ college baseball career concludes in 2013. Administratively, Jack has served as a DC MSBL, Vice-President in Prince William County, Virginia since 1998. In 2013, Jack begins his twenty-second year in the DC MSBL as a player and manager. Jack is married to the former Kathryn R. Cain of Elkins, WV and together have a daughter, Erin (24) and a son, Christopher (22).

Rocky Graziano

Rocky has played and lived baseball since he was seven years old in New Jersey. His dad, “Lefty” Joe Graziano played catch with him getting Rocky ready for the Cub Scout League, Hamilton LL and Hamilton Babe Ruth League (Home of Babe Ruth Baseball). “Lefty” Casey Graziano, old Trenton Giant, coached him and fellow youth players in pitching. Rocky also played in the NJ Rec League and one season on a USAF Team at Lowry AFB, Colorado, and Fast Pitch, Eielson AFB, Alaska.

Later during his United States Air Force career he coached his two sons, Paul & Brian in LL and Babe Ruth League. Rocky also served as VP of Operations & Sponsor Director for Springfield Babe Ruth League when son, Brian was playing. Throwing batting practice and hitting infield got his arm and eye back in semi shape. He joined DCMSBL in 1992 after a USAF tour in Alaska upon returning to the Joint Staff in the Pentagon. Rocky has played on the Giants & Knights 40+, Nationals 45+, Senators 50+, F/Son DC Nationals and finally GM on 50+ & 55+ DC Nationals. He managed the MABL Orioles with a late team entry recruited by the DCMSBL President. Orioles 18+ finished second to Jim Beck’s ‘Ex-Pro’ Suns. Rocky has served as 50/55+ League Director and currently DC Babe Ruth/Ripken Youth League equipment donation chair for DCMSBL.

Rocky has been fortunate enough to play on a few senior division tournament teams over these years. His teams have won seven national championships out of their last eleven entries. They hope to win a few more prior to retiring to Golf in Golf Carts.

Rocky Graziano served 24 years in the USAF and 18 plus years as a Federal Employee in the DoD/USAF. He retired Aug 1, 2011 as a Tech Director/SES. He is presently a part-time DoD & Management Consultant.